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 Studio 12 looks at the impact of the recent events in New York and Florida on the Colorado Muslim Community. Guests include Imam Ibrahim Kazerooni, Monir Ludin from the Abrahamic Initiative, Author Asma Gull Hasan and Jeremy Shaver from the Interfaith Alliance.

 A Studio 12 discussion of the growing debate of exactly how and when the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy affecting LGBT members of the military should be repealed.

The new documentary WAITING FOR SUPERMAN explores the current state of public education in America and how it is affecting our children. This week's discussion is sparked by the film, including how questions raised in the documentary relate to Colorado.




Eden Meets West - with Ken Buck


Eden Lane hosts a special conversation with Colorado’s Republican candidate for Senator, Ken Buck.


In this one-on-one interview, Eden will provide viewers with exclusive access to Ken Buck beyond the campaign, in a more personal and relaxed way.






Eden Lane with Andrew Romanoff

"Everyone's a Critic" ...but not everyone could actually be one in print. This week Eden meets with Denver Post Theater Reporter/Critic John Moore. In this revealing conversation, Moore shares his thoughts on Colorado Theater, a reviewerapos;s responsibilities, and how he moved from the Sports desk, to Entertainment.

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